Antarctica Holidays

Discover and explore a part of the world that is largely untouched by humans, an awe-inspiring pristine wonderland of ice and wildlife species only glimpsed in captivity or on screen. Antarctica’s many mysteries are accessible as never before.

mountains in Antarctica

Discover and explore Antarctica

Go above, below and beyond the endless white glaciers, crystal waters and enormous ice shelves to encounter myriad species and uninhabited realms on one of our all-inclusive luxury Antarctica holidays cruises.

Our innovative, world-class discovery yacht, Scenic Eclipse, brings new meaning to luxury cruising, earning a ‘6-star’ rating. Equipped with an on board helicopter, submarine, Zodiacs and kayaks, ensconced in the opulence of a first-class hotel, Scenic Eclipse makes discovery on our Antarctica holidays effortless and pleasurable.

Journey from Argentina, through the imposing and beautiful Drake Passage where you will spot whales, dolphins and many seabird species, to the Antarctic Peninsula where you will spend up to five days exploring the magnificent nature on display. Our Antarctica holidays expert Cruise Directors and the on board Discovery Team will guide you on activities, Zodiac expeditions, helicopter and submarine excursions and also share their considerable insights into all areas of this amazing continent.

Earth’s southernmost continent is almost otherworldly, its crystalline surrounds stretching out in all visible directions with floating ice towers forming breathtaking patterns, while its thriving wildlife species enjoy life uninterrupted by humans. Our 6-star Antarctica holidays will reward keen naturalists, inquisitive travellers and the adventurous at heart with inspiration and the joy of the experiencing true discovery.

Choose from our 12 Day Ultimate Antarctica and 21 Day Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falklands Islands itineraries to encounter the spectacle and wonder of Antarctica, with a seasonal Christmas and New Year tour for an unforgettable New Year’s Eve.

helicopter landing on a helipad

The difference is Scenic

There is no better way to discover the majesty of Antarctica than on board our one-of-a-kind Scenic Eclipse.

Come in from a thrilling day of shore expeditions and magical adventures on the ice to the warm, lavish comforts of 5-star hotel and toast your discoveries with a glass of the best.

Technologically advanced, elegantly designed, with the highest safety features and all the luxury and all-inclusive extras of a world-class hotel, our Scenic Eclipse discovery yacht is the only way to meet the vast and thrilling new world of Antarctica.

Achieving Ice Class A (Polar Class 6 in the new classification) which enables navigation through Arctic and Antarctic waters and fitted with internal and external safety features that ensure even the roughest oceans will have minimal impact on guests’ comfort, the innovative and technological wizardry of Scenic Eclipse is matched by its physical beauty. Sleekly designed with all the 5-star comforts, including a spa sanctuary, indoor and outdoor pool, library, 240 seat theatre, gym and yoga studio it’s easy to forget you are on board a ship at all.

Fitted with a Scenic helicopter and Scenic submarine, as well as a fleet of custom-built Zodiacs, you’ll have the rare and exclusive opportunity to see Antarctica from above, below and beyond. True once-in-a-lifetime luxury.

All included in our Antarctica holidays on board Scenic Eclipse:

  • Spacious luxury Verandah Suites
  • Butler service
  • All dining and beverages – choose from five dining venues ranging from casual fare to fine-dining, and a late night room service menu
  • Replenishing mini-bar
  • Shore excursions with E-bikes, kayaks, Zodiacs
  • Bottled water and chef-prepared shore picnics
  • Expert on board Discovery Team
  • Personalised airport transfers
  • All tipping, gratuities and porterage
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi internet

Our on board world-class Discovery Team will take you in amongst all the action of the fascinating wildlife and miraculous natural elements of Antarctica.

Made up of world-class geologists, historians and ornithologists, all experts in their field, and led by two resident Discovery Leaders, our passionate Discovery Team will guide your onshore explorations of fascinating Antarctica. Gaze in close proximity at all the myriad seabirds, seals, sea spiders, icefish and other fascinating creatures of the Southern Pole. On Zodiacs, kayaks, on foot, in the air or even in submarines, they’ll lead you to the best vantage points to observe pods of whales and dolphins, and all creatures frolic in their untamed habitat.

penguins jumping off iceberg

Destinations and experiences

Although it’s a single destination, Antarctica offers a world of discovery.

Our Antarctica holiday itineraries let the breathtaking continent speak for itself. With options to include the gloriously beautiful and bio-diverse South Georgia, and the spectacular Falkland Islands, and the vibrant city of Buenos Aires, our shore excursions and activities let the wondrous landscapes and fascinating native wildlife work their magic to leave you with an awe-inspiring journey experience.

The rhythms of Antarctica and its neighbouring countries are primeval and unaffected by human interference. The delights of the region are vast, varied and seasonal. In early December you’ll see multitudes of penguins nesting, while January is birthing season for many species, and so it goes February is a playground for new life. In March, preparation for the great migration north is in full swing and a truly exhilarating process to observe.

With your Discovery team, take a custom-built Zodiac to a remote outpost to observe a gaggle of Gentoo penguins, gaze in wonder as albatrosses and petrels circle high above the crystal waters, and see how many of the 1,500 wildlife species you can observe in this abundant playground. Sink beneath the waters in the Scenic submarine to watch the seals and whales play in the Southern Ocean or fly high above the ice shelf to observe the glaciers, and the teeming icescapes as the migration is in full swing.

South Georgia is an abundantly bio-diverse country, housing 1,445 marine species in its coastal waters and a staggering 1,500 mammal and bird species on shore. 90% of the world’s fur seal population base themselves here joining half the Earth’s population of Elephant seals. You’ll be captivated for hours exploring the mysteries of this magnificent region.

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