Arctic Cruises

Arctic Cruises - Journey to the top of the world

From the majestic fjords of Norway, the Arctic Islands of Svalbard, Greenland and Iceland to the epic Northwest Passage, a cruise to the Arctic is a rare opportunity to escape into the immensity of this vast wilderness.

On our Arctic cruises you’ll discover a place that has inspired great poets, intrepid explorers and canny seafarers. Perhaps after your first glimpse of the Northern Lights you too might feel inspired to explore beyond the horizon.

Scenic Eclipse has been designed to take you to places other ships can’t dock. Cruise through labyrinthine fjords and into tiny harbours and discover a host of Arctic and Norwegian treasures that only Scenic can take you to.

Take a helicopter flight over the stunning Lofoten Islands, seek out the wildness of Bear Island on a kayak or watch in awe from your Zodiac or submarine as our Arctic cruises introduce you to the great Polar bear.

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Explore the breathtaking wonders of Norway, the Arctic Islands of Svalbard, Greenland, Iceland, Scotland and Atlantic Canada in all-inclusive luxury on board Scenic Eclipse, the World's First Discovery Yachts. Our handcrafted escorted land journeys seamlessly link to you cruise, creating experiences you won't find anywhere else.

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Arctic cruises


Iceberg, Greenland

The Arctic, Northwest Passage  & Greenland

Set sail for the far North and join the ranks of intrepid explorers on an epic journey along the legendary Northwest Passage. Explore the remote Canadian High Arctic and the lands of the Midnight Sun. Experience wonders on a colossal scale in Greenland, the world’s largest island, and cruise among enormous icebergs, mountains and fjords.

Midnight sun, Greeland

Arctic Circle & Norwegian Fjords 

Cruise to the top of the world and let your soul fly free. Witness the Midnight Sun, endless icy tundras and explore the network of World-Heritage listed fjords. Learn about the rich history of the Vikings and explore many of the unique communities that live in this beautiful and remote part of the world

Polar Bears

Arctic Islands

Fjords, islands, icecaps and volcanoes, the natural world is utterly and mesmerisingly present as you cruise through the sheltered waterways and magnificent fjords of the Arctic Islands  -  the Svalbard Archipelago, Greenland and Iceland. Witness endless icy tundras and be on the lookout for wildlife, marine life and seabirds. 


The Baltics

The nations that surround the Baltic Sea are diverse and fiercely proud, each with a strong and distinct culture. From the small countries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to the majesty of Russia’s St. Petersburg, and the cosmopolitan cities and pristine landscapes of Denmark, Finland and Sweden, to the coastlines of northern Germany and Poland, the Baltics will be a delight to 

Scenic Eclipse Destination: Arctic Svalbard, Greenland & Iceland

polar bear on ice

Excursions and experiences

What kinds of shore excursions will you experience on our Arctic Cruises?

Your time on Scenic Eclipse includes plenty of shore excursions each day throughout the Arctic and the region. Experiences, lectures and activities have been carefully planned to reveal the beauty and culture of these destinations. With a dedicated Discovery Team on every Scenic Eclipse Arctic cruise, we’ll ensure you discover even more. Venture even further with our helicopters and submarines.

Look into the eyes of a Polar bear on a Zodiac or submarine excursion, explore the Outer Hebrides in Scotland on foot and stand in awe before Iceland’s Goðafoss (Waterfall of the Gods). Meet the Inuit in Greenland or jet out on a Zodiac to meet the whales of Tadoussac – the choice is yours.

Submarine and helicopters

You’ll see so much more of the world during our Arctic cruises on Scenic Eclipse thanks to our two helicopters and submarine.

Providing you with incredible excursions both high in the sky and deep below the currents, you’ll soon find yourself falling in love with the top of the world.

Discover Arctic wildlife under the ice, fly above glaciers and volcanoes. With our Arctic cruises, there’s a big, beautiful world just waiting to be discovered.

helicopter landing on ship

Shore Excursions


Iceland is one of the most intriguing countries in the world. During your Arctic cruise, spend the morning in a Zodiac, puffin spotting off Heimay Island, home to around eight million puffins every summer.

Up in the clouds

While other guests relax on board Scenic Eclipse, you might choose to jump on board one of our helicopters and experience the thrill of flying over one of Iceland’s great glaciers, the Vatnajökull Glacier.

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