The Greek Isles, Dalmatian & Italian Treasures

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The Greek Islands are full of life's simple pleasures

The aquamarine waters of the Aegean, dotted with immaculate white villages winding up rugged hillsides high into the salty air, delicious fresh local cuisine and an impressive history.

With approximately two hundred inhabited exquisitely beautiful and uniquely charming islands sprinkled throughout the Aegean, North Aegean and Ionian seas, it can be an overwhelming task to choose which islands to discover and explore.

As well as delivering you to the wonders of Mediterranean, our opulent Greek Islands cruises will take you to an excellent range of islands, and our Journey Designers have also prepared a vast array of activities on each island for you to choose from, including exciting Zodiac and submarine excursions to explore some of the nearby islands and beneath the deep blue crystal waters.

Our Greek Islands cruises will enchant, with our ‘6-star’ discovery yacht, Scenic Eclipse elegantly cruising the stunning coastline of Turkey, including a moving sojourn to ANZAC Cove before elegantly winding through the magnificent Greek Islands, stopping at Rhodes, Crete and Santorini then moving into the astonishingly beautiful Montenegro, Croatia and Venice.

Our Greek Islands cruises also set sail from cosmopolitan Barcelona onto ritzy Cannes and then into the European gems of Italy and Sicily before exploring the Greek Islands Zakynthos and Milos. Choose from our luxury Mediterranean Discovery and ANZAC Day Mediterranean Discovery itineraries, both 15 days in length.

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The difference is Scenic

Scenic Eclipse takes ocean cruising to a whole new level of luxury.

The exquisite Scenic Eclipse yacht is a floating luxury hotel featuring elegantly designed private verandah suites, spacious bars and lounges, a deluxe day-spa boasting hot and cold plunge pools, a theatre, and a range of dining experiences. There is an on board helicopter and submarine for you to dive below the crystalline Aegean and Ionian waters to discover submerged relics and soar above for an aerial perspective of the enchanting Greek Islands.

All-inclusive on your Greek Islands cruise on board Scenic Eclipse:

  • 5-star butler service
  • All beverages, including top-shelf selections
  • A range of dining venues from the casual River Café to fine dining restaurants
  • Bottled water and chef-prepared picnics for shore excursions
  • Laundry concierge service
  • On board entertainment and onshore activities
  • Zodiacs, E-bikes, kayaks for shore excursions
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi internet
  • Luxurious private verandah suites 
greek island

Destinations and experiences

The drama and history of Greece, the ‘Cradle of Civilisation’, are summed up in the iconic Venus de Milo. Observe the sculptural beauty named after the colourful island.

Explore the largest Bronze Age archaeological site the Palace of Knossos on Crete. The Palace was once the ceremonial and political centre of Minoan culture, and the detailed murals, painting and carvings are marvellous wonders to behold. The nearby city of Heraklion offers more history to explore, including the Minoan site of Akrotiri and the exquisite traditional hilltop village of Oia.

Winding through and around the dazzling Greek Islands, you’ll revel in a fascinating e-bike tour around the charismatic island of Santorini, or you might take a Zodiac excursion exploring around the island of Zakynthos. You might like to spend your time relaxing on the pristine beach and swimming in the crystal-clear waters.

We Enrich your experience of Rhodes with an exclusive private tour of the incredible Acropolis of Rhodes. Delight in the restored structures of a stadium from 2 AD, and the adjacent theatre, once the place of the Rhodes School of Rhetoric lectures, and the Temple of Pythian Apollo.

The mighty Corinth Canal, six kilometres long and 23 metres wide, cut through solid rock offers an extraordinary cruising experience as Scenic Eclipse’s innovative design allows for ease of passage, and views and photographic opportunities to match.

Our Greek Islands cruises also take in the hustle-bustle of Istanbul, the magnificent coastline of Turkey, ANZAC Cove for a moving shore excursion and the stunning private island of Bozcaada. Walk the ancient streets exploring the temples, cafes and houses of a time long past in Pompeii, Europe’s most poignant archaeological site, and port hop along the Amalfi Coast, to the quintessential Mediterranean ports of Corsica and Croatia, to ritzy Cannes and the legendary leaning tower of Pisa.