Northern Europe & Norwegian Fjords

Northern Europe and Norwegian Fjords Cruises

There are no landscapes on Earth that conjure up as much drama and poetry as the Norwegian Fjords. Combine this with the diverse and fiercely proud culture of the nations of the Baltics and you have a destination and a journey full of wonder at every turn.

The Norwegian Fjords offer up some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, a rich and vibrant cultural history plus a great reverence for the natural wonders and wildlife that abound. Carved out of glaciers and seawater, there are simply not enough words to describe the awe you’ll feel in their presence on one of our Norwegian Fjords cruises.

The Baltics will delight as you uncover the culture, history and diversity of these proud nations. Explore the coastlines, islands and cities bordering the Baltic Sea during the long legendary summer days of the northern hemisphere and discover a history dating back to before the Vikings sailed these waters.  

On Scenic Eclipse we take you deeper and closer than you thought possible with these incredible journeys into this heavenly region.


Norwegian Fjords

Norwegian Fjords

Dramatic and breathtaking, you'll never forget your first sight of a Norwegian fjord. Foaming waterfalls, steep precipices, rugged mountains that touch the heavens and verdant pastures, there's never the same vista twice as we make our way through this incredible landscape. It's no surprise that the Vikings revered these natural wonders, building their famed wooden longboats to navigate through them with ease.

Stockholm, Sweden

Nordic delights

Discover three of the nations that form part of the Nordic region, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Strongly independent yet working collaboratively across their region, the Nordics are now the 11th strongest economy in the world. Explore their coastlines, islands and cities bordering the Baltic Sea and discover their history dating back to before the Vikings.

St Petersburg

Prussia, Pomerania and Russia

Pomerania was a historical region on the southern shore of the Baltic Sea that was split between modern day Germany and Poland. Prussia conquered Pomerania and was a dominant force until the end of World War II when it was formally abolished by the Allied Forces in 1947. The modern day borders of Poland, Russia and Germany evolved after World War II and you will discover the history, conflicts and resulting independence as you cruise along the coastlines.


Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia

Formerly part of the Soviet Empire, the three Baltic States fought for their governance in the early 1990's. Uncover their intriguing history, discover the cultural traditions and explore their treasures from Estonia's World Heritage-listed city of Tallinn, to Klaipeda, Lithuania's only port, and the spires dominating the skyline of Riga in Latvia. 



Reindeer wonders

Scenic Eclipse offers the only luxury cruise itinerary that visits Hammerfest. Norway’s and possibly even the world’s northernmost town, every summer it hosts thousands of visitors of the animal variety.

You haven’t lived until you’ve witnessed a herd of reindeer strut their stuff down the main street of town.

Destination Insights: Lisa Bolton, General Manager Product

Lisa Bolton shares her insights into the new experiences and destinations the Scenic product team has designed for the Scenic Eclipse 2022/23 worldwide voyages program. 

Northern Europe & Norwegian Fjords cruises

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