Scenic Eclipse Discovery Team

Taking you further, wherever you go

Our Discovery Leaders are experts in their fields. They will share their insights into the environment, history and culture of each region and their personal highlights so you are ready to explore the many new horizons that await onshore.

They are complemented by local guides, regional specialists and local community experts, all of whom are integral to your shore excursion experiences. Each Discovery Leader is an expert in their field, providing you first-hand with unrivalled knowledge and insights on everything from the environment, history and culture of each region you visit. Combined decades of rich experiences and in-depth research will be boiled down to expert lessons on your surroundings - there's simply no better way to experience a place.

After all, nobody knows a location as well as someone who actually lives there.

Meet Discovery Team Member, Peter Damisch

Peter Damisch
Peter has pursued many passions; joyously searching for and sharing knowledge in a Safety, Fun, LearnTM environment. 

Exploring polar, tropical, temperate and desert regions have all yielded many close, personal interactions while learning more about intriguing people, their unusual history as well as unique cultural traditions at exciting & remote locations spanning this beautiful planet. 

He has spoken or written about hundreds of explorers and ancient civilisations as well as expeditions, empires, piracy, sailing, navigation, weather and leadership. Globally, Peter has 1.7 million km at sea, 90+ polar and 135+ other expeditions, including remote operations at Franz Joseph, Kvitoya, Palmerston, Pitcairn and Tristan da Cunha. He has transited the Northwest Passage, completed multiple circumnavigations and sailed on Captain Cook’s Endeavour square rigged replica.

As Expedition Leader and International Team Member, Peter has had the privilege of guiding and working with fascinating people in seven continents while visiting isolated villages, white water rafting, glacier and orangutan trekking, para sailing, zip lining or operating along active volcanoes.

Scenic Eclipse Discovery Guide with Luke Saffigna

You're in Safe Hands

Your safety and comfort is our number one priority.
Scenic Eclipse is built to the highest international safety standards, utilising state-of-the-art technology and GPS dynamic positioning, plus a host of safety features including innovative stabiliser fins. This dedication to your safety and world-class innovation has allowed us to design the most inspiring, exciting itineraries possible.

A rating of Polar Class 6, the highest of any luxury vessel, enables the safest navigation through Arctic and Antarctic waters. These cruises are limited to only 200 guests, giving us full access to the broadest range of landing sites in these regions.

*Helicopter and submarine activities are weather permitting, may incur additional costs and subject to availability.