7 Great reasons to plan an Arctic holiday

7 Great Reasons to Plan an Arctic Holiday

You’ll be pleased to know, “travelling to the end of the world” isn’t just a figure of speech anymore. If you’ve grown weary of touring the much-frequented tourist hotspots and are looking to travel somewhere out-of-the-ordinary, then a trip to the Arctic might just be it. The extraordinary magnificence of the polar region needs no introduction. However, if you need further convincing, here’s our take on the top seven Arctic things to do. 

1. Midnight Sun

Whether you’re a morning lark or a night owl, the midnight sun is a phenomenon worth staying up for. Due to its position on the globe and the Earth’s tilt on its axis, the Arctic Circle witnesses the wonder of the midnight sun every year, wherein the sun stays above the horizon for several days, in complete defiance of the clock.

While it might meddle with your body clock, the marvel of the midnight sun gives you more time to witness the grand landscapes of the Arctic region bathed in warm daylight.
See the spectacular midnight sun in the Arctic

2. Fjords

Words do not do justice to the splendour of the Arctic fjords. The dramatic landscapes carved out by glaciers over millions of years are bedecked with snow-capped mountains, bottomless valleys, soaring glaciers, thundering waterfalls, and pristine waterbodies.

The exploration of these magnificent remnants of the ice ages is one of the top Arctic things to do. 
Arctic Fjords

3. Aurora Borealis

On certain days, if you’re very patient (and very lucky), you might be treated to one of the grandest spectacles of Mother Nature known to mankind – the aurora borealis or the northern lights. When the sun’s charged particles enter the magnetic fields at the polar region, the result is an outstanding display of dancing florescent lights known as an aurora.

For centuries the lights have inspired various legends amongst the indigenous tribes, from the dance of happy souls of the dead, to bushfires in the spirit world. Today, despite knowing the science, this jaw-dropping wonder isn’t any less magical and tops every Arctic things to see list.
Aurora Borealis

4. Wildlife

On your Arctic holiday, you will have the good fortune to witness unique wildlife that have built their lives around sea ice. You will never forget the first time you spot a majestic polar bear from your tundra buggy, either walking by indifferently, or sniffing curiously at the various smells emanating from the vehicle.

Arctic hares, gyrfalcons, reindeer, and Arctic foxes are some of the other native wildlife that your naturalist guide will point out to you. To witness the thriving fauna of the sub-zero land is a surreal experience. 
Look out for Polar Bears in Svalbard

5. Arctic Cruise

Exploring the Arctic by sea is a must-do. Cruising around icy fjords and enormous ice bergs, you will discover the region’s charm in a whole new light.

Witness breaching whales – including humpback, beluga, narwhal, and bowhead, and sunbathing seals and walruses, and observe the remarkable changing shades of an ice berg – from blue to green to even purple. 
Walrus, Arctic

6. Arctic Circle Flight

To soar over the Arctic Circle in a plane and gaze down at the remote wonderland below is a uniquely thrilling experience and a must-do item on the Arctic things to see agenda.

It may be the furthest north you ever travel, and you’ll even receive a certificate to mark the moment. 
Glacier, Svalbard

7. Dogsledding

You don’t have to be a Jack London fan, to want to give dogsledding a try. With a sturdy team of excited Siberian huskies strapped to your sled, raring to go, a dog sled ride is one of the most exhilarating Arctic things to do. This is the way the Inuit have commuted since centuries and to ride a dog sled is to experience an integral part of the Arctic culture.

You’ll have the chance to learn all about dogsledding history and even cuddle husky puppies before you go flying down the snow trails at 20 km/hour.
Go dog sledding in the Arctic

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