An Exceptional Egyptian Journey

An Exceptional Egyptian Journey

Scenic Emerald guests, Brian and Sue de Bruyn share their bucket list experience in Egypt and Jordan
When Sue and I attended a Scenic event in Brisbane late last year and Glen Moroney announced that Scenic was returning to the Middle East, we couldn’t contain our excitement.
This was a destination high on our must do list and one that we had feared may never happen. We have recently returned from the 20 Day Essence of Egypt and Jordan Tour & Cruise and can honestly say it was everything we had hoped for and delivered one of the most outstanding experiences of our travel life.
So why was that? Was it the stunning Pyramids, the vast array of antiquities, the ancient ruins, the amazing hieroglyphics and artwork in the Tombs of the Pharaohs or was it the stunning red landscapes of Wadi Rum and Petra.
Of course these are just some of the things that we as travellers expected to see and here they were, in endless abundance and amazing detail, right in front of us.
Seeing these incredible sights in person is another level of wonder that has to be experienced firsthand which ensures the experience will remain with us for the rest of our days.
But it would be wrong to think that Egypt and Jordan were just about their unique architectural structures, landscapes and ancient history. There was much more.
For example, our accommodation on tour was as much a part of the touring experience as were the structures.
There were the stunning views of the Pyramids from our room at the Mena House in Giza, the majestic rooms and gardens of the Winter Palace in Luxor and the iconic history that reflects such famous people as Agatha Christie and Winston Churchill at the Old Cataract Hotel with its picture perfect views across the Nile at Aswan.
Along with these beautiful historic venues, and the added luxury of our Nile River cruise on the Sanctuary Sunboat III we were also surprised at the extent of our pampered luxury at Aquaba Red Sea resort.
Like any tour though, it’s the people who can make a difference, and in Egypt and Jordan, this was another high point.

When local people speak highly about Scenic, we as travellers can only feel humbled that they genuinely appreciated us being there.

Many asked us to promote their countries on our return home and we can certainly confirm that we felt safe and well looked after at all times. Tourism is so important to the communities of these countries and we always felt welcome.

But any tour wouldn’t be complete without one very important ingredient and that’s having fun. Sue and I will never forget the all in mud massage on the shores of the Dead Sea, and the unusual feeling of floating in its warm therapeutic waters.

The laughter of our fellow travellers as we lathered up with mud and the brilliant hospitality of the local Hilton staff in making our stay so enjoyable and memorable stands out as another amazing highlight.

This tour had everything – stunning landscapes, significant architecture, amazing people, luxurious accommodation and so much more. It was truly was a wondrous experience, one that we believe all travellers should one day experience.

20 day The Essence of Egypt & Jordan Tour

Cairo > Amman
Explore the incredible legacy of these two intriguing countries, from magnificent monuments immortalising the pharaohs in Egypt to the footsteps of the Romans and Nabateans in Jordan.

Natural wonders abound, from extraordinary desertscapes to soaring mountains, world-famous seas and, of course, the mighty Nile.

11 day The Treasures of Egypt Tour

Cairo > Cairo
The explorer in you will rejoice over what is arguably the biggest concentration of ancient wonders in the world. Pyramids, tombs and temples – Egypt’s glorious past is yours to discover.

Travel in the footsteps of the pharaohs on a luxury cruise along the Nile, Egypt’s lifeblood, and discover monumental temples before relaxing in iconic luxury at Aswan.

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