Biking Bliss

With Scenic you can explore almost anywhere on an e-bike. Rose Jacobs gets up close with these electronic marvels.

When I think of Europe in summer I picture beautiful bicycles with baskets, magnificent rivers and cobblestone laneways. I don’t always imagine myself riding these bicycles mind you, because I am not the world’s greatest bike-rider, despite all my best efforts. So you can imagine my delight when our Scenic Freechoice activity from Austria’s Durnstein to Melk was bicycle riding along the Danube River. All of a sudden, my European visions came to life and the best part was, Scenic provides e-bikes, or electronic bicycles, meaning my usual apprehensions were taken care of.

It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is, or in my case, skill level, because the beauty of e-bikes is that they power themselves, leaving you more time to concentrate on enjoying the view. 

Our e-bike guide, Trinka, made the experience even more enjoyable, having a local’s knowledge of the best paths and sights along the way. Nothing like gliding past a few spectacular castles and riverside sunbathers with the wind in your hair and your friends and partner hooting with joy alongside you.

Pack yourself a small picnic and pull over anytime you fancy. And don’t forget to pop your camera in your basket so you can get those close up shots that catch your eye, something you would never be able to do from a coach, a car, a plane or train.

My personal highlight was knowing that those rolling hillsides of Austria (the ones that are indeed alive with the sound of music) were no obstacle for me and my e-bike.

There was also a secret pleasure in zooming easily past other bike riders along the way who didn’t have the benefit of an electronically powered bike, sweating and puffing, while in my mind I was winning the Tour De France with ease.

For me, there’s a sense of youth and energy that comes with a holiday in Europe, as though anything is possible. So after a day on an e-bike ride along Austria’s Danube River I felt positively reborn … and yet not the slightest bit exhausted. If you haven’t tried an e-bike yourself, trust me, you’re going to love it.