Five of the best places to visit in 2022 with Scenic

Five of the best places to visit in 2022 with Scenic

Over the last 12 months, our wanderlust has been bubbling away, and now more than ever, many enthusiastic travellers are starting to plan their next journey for 2022. We have compiled a list of the recommended best places to travel with Scenic in 2022. These destinations have diverse riches, including history, charming locals, culture, cuisine and unique beverages. Some are in the heart of wilderness expanses and pristine landscapes. What they all share is they offer special experiences and create lasting memories, that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. 
We all hope to resume travelling soon and all re-start experiencing the joy of the cruise ship leaving port for new horizons and sharing magic moments of wonder with family and friends. Until then, we hope this list of destinations will inform your travel planning for 2022 and inspire to you to look further at our worldwide collection of luxury river cruises, discovery ocean voyages and land journeys.

1. Rhine, Main and Danube rivers in Europe

A river cruise is a luxurious and leisurely way to discover the delights of Europe. Following the route of Europe’s most beautiful rivers, you’ll meander through stunning scenery, pass charming small villages and catch sight of spectacular landmarks. The variety of included Scenic Freechoice experiences you can have is incredibly broad – castle visits, e-bike rides, beer tasting, palaces, villages, foodie experiences - the list goes on!
The Rhine is Europe’s most iconic river, preserved in the culture and history of the six countries it passes through. For centuries, composers, artists and writers have been captivated by the romance of the Rhine. The hilltop castles are why many dream of cruising these waters – over 40 can be seen in one 65km stretch alone. Discover the Black Forest region, striking Cologne and countless postcard-perfect villages and townships. The Rhine river can be enjoyed almost any time of year as well, with the Christmas markets a wonderful time to visit.
One of the best ways to experience medieval Germany is along the Main River. Bavarian beauty abounds with quaint timber houses line the river’s banks, along with lush forests and scenery steeped in folklore. Nuremberg, and the architecturally rich Würzburg are highlights of the Main. Bamberg’s enchanting old town is also a much-loved location for travellers.
The third river in this majestic trio is the Danube which flows through 10 countries and four capital cities – Belgrade, Bratislava, Budapest and Vienna. A river cruise on the Danube takes you in the footsteps of kings, emperors and great composers. One of the most talked-about stretches starts at Budapest and flows through the Baltic countries. Other highlights include Austria’s Wachau Valley, the elegant capital Vienna, splendid Melk Abbey and the Iron Gates Gorge.
With Scenic, you will experience, truly all-inclusive luxury meaning we will take care of your every need, from breakfast in bed to butler service and exclusive enriching experiences.

2. Antarctica

Pristine untouched landscapes, so remote and filled with abundant wildlife - it’s easy to see why Antarctica would be on anyone’s “best places” list. It is an an unique and special destination which can be explored on the truly all-inclusive, ultra-luxury Scenic Eclipse - the World’s First Discovery YachtsTM.
If you dream of following in the footsteps of great Antarctic explorers such as Shackleton, this is the ideal destination for you. If you’ve ever spoken to anyone who has been to Antarctica, they will tell you that the landscape is like nowhere else on earth. The land masses are huge and imposing and the icebergs are like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Many say it’s impossible to describe the majesty and scale of the scenery here – so it must be experienced for yourself.
"Waking up early on the first day anchored in Antarctica is a feeling you may only feel once in your life but is sure to stay with you forever and is the reason why so many people that visit return and again, seeking to recreate some of their most special memories"
- Adriaan Oliver, Discovery Team on board Scenic Eclipse
The unpredictability of wildlife sightings is one of the most exciting things about a trip to Antarctica. Imagine embarking on a kayak or Zodiac excursion with the Discovery team, soaring above in the helicopter or below in the submarine – seeing the environment from a whole new perspective. The ship has many viewing areas where you can see a pod of whales, or penguins and seals playing on and around the icebergs. November and December are when the sea ice breaks, seals and penguins begin breeding and whales start visiting. Make sure you plan ahead with your expert Discovery Team and book a place on board the helicopters^ and submarine^.
With just 200 guests on our Scenic Discovery Polar Voyages, every day in Antarctic offers multiple excursions, each one unique. Land on your seventh continent in the morning, visit an historic hut in the afternoon, indulge and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul in the exclusive Senses Spa before dinner. Truly where luxury meets discovery.

^Helicopter and submarine at additional cost, subject to regulatory approval, availability, weight restrictions, medical approval and weather and ice conditions.

3. France

There is much to enjoy on a luxurious Scenic Space-Ship in France as it becomes your floating hotel along the rivers of world’s most romantic country. France has something to offer everyone – culture, food, art – just to name a few. There is so much diversity and cultural experiences contained in one exciting country.
The French love food and wine, with its cuisine widely considered one of the world’s finest. Each town and village has its own unique gastronomic specialty whilst names like Bordeaux and Beaujolais carry their reputation before them. French cheeses are equally famous too - just think of Brie, Camembert and Roquefort. In the South of France and Bordeaux guests can enjoy our on board cooking school, Scenic Culinaire and the chance to shop with a chef.
The Seine flows through Northern France, and here you will find vestiges of Claude Monet’s life (including the gardens of Giverny, which features in Monet’s most famous painting), the historic Normandy beaches and the medieval architecture of Rouen. In the South of France, unwind and indulge in the delights of Avignon, Viviers and Lyon (the foodie capital). Savour the world’s finest wines in Bordeaux surrounded by breathtaking backdrops, archaeological marvels, historic landmarks and magnificent vineyards.

4. Vietnam & Cambodia

There are many reasons to be excited about a luxury river cruise along the Mekong River through Vietnam and Cambodia. With a maximum of 68 guests on board, your luxurious ship will serve as the perfect retreat to revitalize after a day of exploring. Secrets of ancient civilisations, rich culture and varied customs of neighbouring countries are all strong drawcards to this region. Food lovers are also attracted to this culinary heaven with unique and refreshing local dishes available on board Scenic Spirit

There are daily included Scenic Freechoice activities available, such as visiting local temples and villages, exploring the floating markets and historic sites are sure to please all travellers. Our signature Scenic Enrich experiences will take you into the heart of Vietnam and Cambodia’s culture, offering once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, and creating memories that will stay with you long after your visit has ended. On board the 5-Star Scenic Spirit, you can relax in your spacious suite, sip a cocktail, or refresh in the vitality pool while watching the vibrant sunsets. 

5. The Mediterranean

The azure waters of Europe and the Mediterranean Sea are home to infinite hidden jewels best explored on a Discovery Yacht. Scenic Eclipse’s world-class design and build makes it ideal for docking at smaller ports, which larger ships cannot access. Arrive at the heart of your destination, opening a world of Scenic Freechoice excursions from the moment you disembark. Visit untouched islands and enjoy with exclusive access to charming Mediterranean ports and villages. Discover golf in a new way with a helicopter golf excursion^ or relax in a cabana or the plunge pool on Deck 10. 
Scenic Eclipse’s Mediterranean journeys operate during the shoulder season of March to June. This means you can avoid the busiest periods and crowds in these beautiful destinations. Enjoy spring in the Mediterranean, with no more than 228 guests on board and a limited number of guests per shore excursion, all your cherished moments of discovery will be shared with like-minded guests.
From Turkey to Spain, each portside village and iconic city boasts rich history, pristine beaches and quiet harbours. In Seville, Spain, Scenic Eclipse will sail down Guadalquivir River to take you right to the heart of the city. In Calvi, a little French island, not frequented by larger cruises, you will discover beautiful, untouched treasures, including ancient citadels, abandoned villages, and sparkling shorelines. In Slovenia, Koper, the country’s largest town, is a secret gem and Scenic Eclipse will take you close to its venetian-influenced architecture, to the heart of the action. In Paros, a picture postcard Greek island, well known for its quaint countryside and glorious historical monuments, enjoy a wide range of included Scenic Freechoice activities, from a local produce tasting tour to a special male choir performance inside a 4th century Byzantine church. 
As the World’s First Discovery Yacht, Scenic Eclipse is also equipped with a host of on board water sports equipment, to help you get the most out of these cerulean seas. We have recreational gear suited to various fitness levels so you can explore at your own pace. Enjoy the use of our large inflatables, including trampolines and swimming platforms; explore leisurely using our stand-up paddleboards; get your heart rate up through active kayaking; discover vibrant underwater worlds during a snorkelling expedition, or infuse your exploration with an element of thrill with our Tiwal Sailing Boat or water skiing. The choice is yours.

^additional cost. 
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