Scenic Eclipse crew

Highlights from the Scenic Eclipse crew

With every new destination bringing exciting experiences, each day on Scenic Eclipse was filled with delightful discoveries not just for our guests, but for our crew as well – from the ship’s arrival in Manhattan, to the icy regions of Antarctica.  

Our expert team of crew members share some of their favourite memories below, from their first year sailing with The World’s First Discovery Yacht™.
Captain James Griffiths
‘The absolute highlight was the arrival of the Emperor penguins’ 
Captain James Griffiths

During the very first Antarctic voyage, we managed to get the ship down to the ice sheet near Cockburn Island, deep in the Weddell Sea. This was only possible due to the ability of Scenic Eclipse. It was a huge relief to know that, after several years of planning, the ship was every bit as technically capable as we had hoped.

We were the first ship of the season to get so far south, and we even managed to get the ship ‘parked’ alongside the ice to allow our guests to walk on the sea ice. The absolute highlight was, of course, when several Emperor Penguins arrived, and proceeded to spend several hours with our guests. 

‘Untouched, serene paradise’ 
Captain Erwan Le Rouzic

What stands out for me as a testament to the unique technology and capabilities of Scenic Eclipse, was our visit to the protected island of Little Inagua, in the Bahamas. Thanks to the manoeuvrability and exceptional environmental standards of Scenic Eclipse, we obtained official authorisation from the Bahaman authorities to organise a discovery day on this protected island – something few people have ever experienced.

And, with special discovery excursions including snorkelling, kayaking and beach yoga to enjoy, our guests were able to make the absolute utmost of their time spent in this untouched, serene paradise. Given this is a place few have ventured in decades, it was a unique and memorable experience for everyone. 

Captain Erwan Le Rouzic

Tom Götter
‘I feel very lucky to be a part of such a wonderful project’ 
Tom Götter, Executive Chef
For me, the greatest moment was the inaugural journey from Croatia to Reykjavík, when the hard work and effort of the crew finally came together in preparation for welcoming our very first guests ahead of our maiden voyage. The ship looked stunning, and the guests were very impressed with its features and amenities – from the restaurants and spa, to its cabins and, of course, the overall design of the ship.  

But perhaps what was most rewarding was not just the amazing reaction of the guests, but all the faces of the crew, and how proud they were of everything we had achieved together to make the promise of Scenic Eclipse a reality. It inspired me in such an intense way that still, a year later, I get a big smile on my face and feel very lucky to be part of such a wonderful project. 

‘We knew that we had set the benchmark’ 
Jason Flesher, Expedition Operations Manager
Arriving at Eric the Red’s village in Greenland was the first time we were scheduled to run all discovery activities at once – including kayaking, helicopter flights, submarine dives, tours and guided hikes. This was the day we were to find out if our Discovery Team could rise to the challenge, a challenge that no other expedition cruise operator has ever undertaken before. And rise we did, with a hugely successful day of discovery amid this beautiful wilderness. At the end of the day, as the last kayak and zodiacs returned to Scenic Eclipse, we knew that we had the set the benchmark, creating exceptional experiences for our guests on water, land and in the air.  

That was when I realised what I was a part of, and that we’d pioneered a new chapter in expedition cruising. One only made possible by the purpose-built capabilities of Scenic Eclipse, working in complete synergy with our expert Discovery team. Over the past 12 months, we’ve continued to raise the bar, and I’m proud to be working alongside the best in the industry. 
Jason Flesher, Expedition Operations Manager

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