Love to Travel to Canada in 2022 for Culture and Cuisine

Sky-high mountains, rugged coastlines and unique wildlife are only part of the sights in Canada. This is also a place of captivating culture and outstanding cuisine that is waiting to be discovered on a Scenic luxury land journey. 
Gently press your fork on your fillet of salmon and it will delicately flake. Indulge in a velvety scallop that will melt in your mouth. Lobster just plucked from the sea and cooked to perfection with oozing herby butter. Then, when you think you’ve tasted the very best, a rich croissant, as if you’ve woken up in Paris.  
You are in Canada, a place so diverse that a discovery of this country truly unlocks a melting pot of cultures, rich history and an unrivalled vastness of cuisines. There is, quite simply, something for everyone.  
To really get to the heart of this region, a Scenic 5-star luxury land journey unlocks extraordinary experiences in vibrant Canadian cities and remote charming coastal towns. With a selection of numerous Scenic Freechoice excursions that suit your personal interests, pursue them at a pace that suits you. If you love to travel for culture and cuisine, here are a few of many Scenic highlights waiting in Canada. 
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Immerse yourself in Rich History in Ottawa 

It’s often said that Ottawa is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Sprawling picturesque parks, an abundance of verdant green spaces, awe-inspiring architecture and a delectable gastronomy scene. What is truly remarkable about Ottawa is there’s a small town feel here but with the allures of a capital city.  

The restaurant scene is lively, with fine dining options sitting neatly beside relaxed eats. When in Ottawa, the Canadian dish of poutine, where fries are topped with gravy and cheese curd, is found in almost every eatery. It is a must try. With Scenic, we will take you to the Canadian Museum of History, and discover Canada’s social and human history, even viewing the world’s largest collection of totem poles.  

Outstanding Cuisine in Every Corner of the Country 

Crowd free and breathtakingly beautiful, the East Coast of Canada is a remarkable place where seafood is in abundance. Here you’ll sample the very best lobster rolls in the world, with half of the world’s supply of Canadian lobster coming from Atlantic Canada’s pristine cold waters. There’s also plenty of variety of shellfish, including oysters, mussels and scallops. With Scenic, we’ll take you to Prince Edward Island where you’ll enjoy fresh oysters and mussels from Malpeque Bay. Your culinary journey will continue with the French delights of Quebec and an Asian food scene in Vancouver that rivals China.  
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Discover Diverse Cultures 

There are few places in this world that offer such variety in cultures as in Canada. Standing proudly above the St Lawrence River, North America’s oldest French-speaking city of Quebec is truly a masterpiece. Cobbled-stoned streets, vast historic stone buildings and charming bistros, will have you thinking you’ve landed in Europe.  

On a guided walking tour, discover the fascinating history, architecture and culture of the Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, with 17th- and 18th-century houses and soaring church spires. The time to visit Quebec City is in the summer months, when musicians and acrobats take to the streets, and evenings are filled with festival, fireworks and song. Further south, a rich Celtic culture rules on Cape Breton Island. On a Scenic land journey, you’ll learn of the traditions that date back centuries. Each pocket of this remarkable country offers unique tastes, a wonderful mix of cultures, and a diverse art and music scene. 
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With Scenic it’s more than an escorted tour, it’s a 5-star luxury journey in a class of its own. We’ve combined the ease of luxury travel with a selection of experiences that offer you a true insight into the wonders of Canada.   
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