Scenic Eclipse: Where discovery meets luxurious well-being

Scenic Eclipse: Where discovery meets luxurious well-being

A voyage on board Scenic Eclipse opens up a world of many possibilities for discovering some of the most pristine destinations. Every experience has been designed for enriching and immersive exploration. Our Discovery Team experts will lead you on a journey of a lifetime via our on board fleet of Zodiacs and kayaks, help you share the ocean depths with vibrant marine life in Scenic Neptune, our on board submarine, and explore beyond the horizon in our state-of-the-art helicopters. 
Your wellness is also the focus of the exceptional cuisine, with a truly all-inclusive culinary journey around the world through the ten dining experiences and expansive Senses Spa. Your experience will be the perfect harmony of discovery and luxurious well-being. 

Truly once-in-a-lifetime moments of discovery 

Moments of wonder experienced on Scenic Eclipse, The World’s First Discovery Yacht, will stay with you forever. From the thunderous calving of an Arctic glacier that sets your heart racing, to an exhilarating acrobatic performance in Latin America that makes you catch your breath, your discovery voyage will be filled with unique encounters that enrich the body and mind. 

Discover ocean depths in Scenic Neptune

Nothing comes close to the serene stillness of exploring mysterious underwater worlds in Scenic Neptune, our on board submarine^, which can dive up to 300 metres with six guests at a time. Go where few have gone before, as you discover hidden realms through the submarine’s two large ultra-clear acrylic spheres, revolving platform and seats that swivel 280 degrees.

Enjoy extraordinary aerial views in our on board helicopters 

Experience inspiring moments as you soar above iconic locations, such as Iceland’s snowy glaciers and active volcanic terrains on one of the two on board 6-seater helicopters^. Bose® noise cancelling headsets, air-conditioned interior, custom-designed leather seats, large wrap-around windscreen, and cameras to record your memories in HD further enhance your experience. 

See your destination intimately through enriching excursions

A mind that is enriched by a new experience opens up new dimensions of thinking. Our shore excursions are handcrafted by our expert Journey Designers and led by the specialist Discovery Team, in Polar regions and expert local guides in all other destinations. Along with physical activity matched to your preferred pace during your exploration, this expert team also helps open your mind to infinite possibilities through deeply engaging interactions enabling you to discover new cultures, lands, wildlife and environments. 

When Scenic Eclipse is in Discovery mode, our fleet of kayaks and Zodiacs take you to the heart of beautiful environments and allow you to take comfort in the serenity of Mother Nature. To paddle out into the blue expanse with the cool ocean breeze in your hair as you patiently wait for the native wildlife to make an appearance is guaranteed to be one of the best adrenaline rushes you will experience. 

From luxuriously appointed suites to carefully designed lounges, there is always space for relaxation

With its modern and sleek yacht design, Scenic Eclipse envelopes you in a soothing aura from the moment you step on board. As her Godmother Dame Helen Mirren rightly said, “Just to walk down the corridor is a very calm feeling.” 

After an exciting day of onshore exploration and sensational wildlife encounters, your Discovery Yacht is just the place to return to. 

Restoration in our expansive Senses Spa

The spacious 550 square metres of on board tranquillity of the Senses Spa offers a wide selection of luxurious and rejuvenating treatments#, specifically designed with your well-being in mind while at sea. The signature massages include yogic stretches and realignment, combined with a body massage, and chakra balancing treatments. Using holistic and organic products, the treatments are designed to relax, renew, and revitalise the mind and body.

Find your centre at the serene Yoga and Pilates studio

Filled with natural light and providing relaxing sea views, the on board PURE: Yoga and Pilates studio is a calm retreat offering a selection of included classes in a zen-like space. You can also sign up for personal, one-to-one Pilates and meditation sessions# with our instructors for expert coaching in wellness. 

Get your heart pumping at the state-of-the-art gym

From strength conditioning to cardio workouts, our state-of-the-art POWER: Gym offers a range of fitness routines accompanied by spectacular ocean views. For a customised fitness program, you can sign up for a private session with the on board personal trainer#.

Indulge in holistic heat therapy

For optimum blood circulation and relaxation, the Senses Spa features a range of heat therapy facilities, including Nordic bathing experiences, an infrared sauna for deeper heat penetration, and Gessi chromo-therapy showerheads that change colours for a multisensory hydro massage. With separate steam and relaxation lounges for men and women, vitality pools, and luxurious open-air temperature-controlled plunge pools, you will delight in the ultimate private yacht experience. 

Unwind in your thoughtfully designed all-verandah suites

Your elegantly appointed suite, ranging from a generous 32 square metre Verandah Suites to the 245 square metre Two-bedroom Penthouse Suite, will be your private oasis of well-being. Featuring separate living and sleeping zones and floor to ceiling balconies, you can enjoy personal moments without missing the exquisite views outside. Ergonomically designed luxury king size Scenic Slumber Beds, butler service, revolutionary three-stage HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) air purification system, premium bath amenities, and 24 hours in-suite dining ensure that you will love spending time in your suite as much as you do exploring the outdoors. 

An abundance of spaces to explore 

Scenic Eclipse features an abundance spaces for you to relax or engage your senses and appreciate what’s around you; the smells, sounds and views as each new wonder unfolds. With up to 10 lounges and bars, outdoor terraces, multiple pool areas, and a library, you will always find a space to suit your taste. With an almost 1:1 staff-to-guest ratio, we’ll ensure your needs are always catered to no matter where you choose to spend your time. 

Take a culinary journey every day

With up to 10 dining options, each meal on board Scenic Eclipse is a journey of discovery for the palate. From relaxed all day outdoor or indoor dining at Azure Bar & Café, to the exclusive ‘by invitation only’ private dégustation dining at Chef’s Table @ Elements, the daily menus draw from 2,500 recipes across its restaurants. This means, if you wish to taste every dish served on the Discovery Yacht, you would have to stay on board for more than two months. 

Meals are prepared fresh using seasonal and local produce (where available), and the chefs can customise them to your dietary needs. 

Whether you prefer a tall glass of your favourite cocktail, choose from our handpicked collection of 100 whiskeys at the Scenic Lounge Bar, pick a healthy fresh fruit mocktail, or select a steaming cup of specialty tea, sit back and sip on unlimited complimentary beverages* any time of the day. 

You can also choose to indulge in culinary therapy at Scenic Epicure, the on board cooking school, with a schedule of classes hosted by expert chefs on preparing the finest local cuisine.

Enjoy exclusive moments with Scenic Enrich and custom-made travel plans with Scenic Freechoice

Our signature Scenic Enrich experiences and handcrafted Scenic Freechoice activities will reveal a world of wonder in your chosen non-polar destinations. Exclusive Scenic Enrich experiences such as a classical concert in the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, Norwegian folk music performance inside a cathedral in Tromsø, and an elegant Peruvian Paso horse show, seek to enhance your journey of discovery and enlightenment. While our extensive range of Freechoice activities such as a visit to the Alcatraz prison in San Francisco, exploring an authentic Viking village in Vikøyri, or a tour of the ancient city of Pompeii, will help you chart your own course of discovery, at your own pace. 

Your Well-Being, Your Way

However you choose to embrace your well-being during your discovery voyage, our team is available to tailor your Scenic Eclipse experience on board or on shore. 

Our Commitment to You

We understand the importance of maintaining your health and wellness whilst travelling. Our dedicated team is working closely with the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) and government health agencies, to implement a full range of health and wellness measures for the resumption of our ocean cruise operations. 
^Helicopter at additional cost, subject to regulatory approval, availability, weight restrictions, medical approval and weather and ice conditions.
*All drinks on board are included except for a very small number of rare, fine and vintage wines, Champagnes and spirits.
#Additional charge
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