10 Year Reunion

Scenic guests 10 year reunion

Sometimes the people you meet are just as special as the places you go. These Scenic guests got together for a very special 10 year reunion.
Scenic’s journeys are not all about the destinations. One of the things we love most about our experiences is bringing people together from all walks of life (and countries). Over the years, we’ve heard countless stories of guests who have formed friendships and kept in touch long after their plane touched down back home.

In 2008, guests including John and Marie De Boynton, Joe and Deb Smith, and Rob and Linda Cluff, all met on our Canada tour, which included travelling on the iconic Rocky Mountaineer, a captivating cruise through Alaska’s Inside Passage, and taking in Canada’s most glittering sights, including Lake Louise, Banff, Whistler, Victoria and Vancouver.

After bonding over the experience they shared together, at the end they exchanged contact details and promised to keep in touch. Some of us might be guilty of promising to stay in touch with someone we meet on a journey and never actually doing it; but these Scenic guests did – for 10 years!

Earlier in 2018, they came together for a special 10-year reunion. Thirteen of the guests from the 2008 journey met up in Wallerawang in the Central Tablelands of New South Wales, as two of the couples from the trip live there.

They travelled from all over, from Cairns and the Atherton Tablelands to Mackay and Rockhampton, and stayed at the Black Gold Motel in Wallerawang, owned by one of the couples. One of the guests, Jean, had turned 83 just three days earlier, so they had a cake ready for her and enjoyed a belated birthday celebration.

During their time together, they enjoyed some sightseeing, and bonded over the experience they’d shared 10 years earlier.

“We all just picked up where we left off,” says John De Boynton. The memories you forge with others on an unforgettable journey can last a lifetime - reliving them is all part of the magic of travel. We look forward to seeing what these guests do for their 20-year reunion!

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