Spectacular Australian Escapes

Introducing our new and exciting experiences available on our Western Australia & Northern Territory and Norfolk Island handcrafted journeys in 2019/2020.

New in 2019: Western Australia & Northern Territory - Handcrafted luxury journeys.

The most popular Australian destination for Scenic remains the Top End of the Northern Territory and the Kimberley/West Coast due to the stunning landscapes and ancient cultures of the region, and the unique, quirky, bucket list adventures.

Anthony Gormley Sculptures, Kalgoorlie/Lake Ballard Scenic Enrich experience

Exclusive to Scenic on the South West Mosaic itinerary

Without a doubt one of the largest, most unique and remote art installations in Australia “Inside Australia”.

A selection of 51 metal figures based on the residents of local town ship of Menzies and immortalised on the surface of Lake Ballard.


El Questro Scenic Sundowners event

Available on all Scenic Kimberley programs including Top End and Kimberley Spectacular Territory Explorer and the Kimberley

For the most remote Scenic Sundowners in the world, relax over evening drinks at the private airstrip at Emma Gorge as the sun sets.

Wide open spaces, an empty airstrip, an amazing top end sunset and no one but you and your travelling companions to experience this unforgettable event.


Port Hedland harbour cruise Scenic Enrich experience

Exclusive to Scenic on the Treasures of the West Coast and the Pilbara, Broome & Monkey Mia itineraries

Join the local Seafarer Association for a quick tour of their facilities.

Take to the water to cruise Port Hedland harbour amongst the massive cargo ships and freighters which service the mining community of Pilbara.


Fitzroy Crossing Scenic Enrich experience

Exclusive to Scenic on all Kimberley programs including Top End and Kimberley Spectacular Territory Explorer and the Kimberley.

At the base of the infamous Boab Prison Tree (a 1,500 year old hollow Boab, 6km south of Derby and with a girth of 14.7 meters), sit and have a cup of tea with an indigenous drover and hear the stories of this ancient land from a true local.


New in 2019: Norfolk Island - Handcrafted Luxury Journeys

A South Pacific paradise boasting tropical waters, lush national parks, well-preserved history and true island hospitality. Norfolk Island is a wonder you’ll wish you’d journeyed to years ago.

Norfolk Island Golf Club Scenic Freechoice activity

Available on the Scenic Historic Norfolk Island itinerary

Play a round of golf on the only course in the world to be located within a World Heritage-listed site.

Positioned on the coastal, south-east side of the island, the golf club has some of the most spectacular views and a rich heritage to rival any golf course in the world.


23 day Treasures of the West Coast

Darwin > Perth

The west coast of this wide, brown land features some of the most spectacular and rare landscapes in the world. Big skies, deep gorges, plains that stretch to the horizon and all the colours of the rainbow.

It’s country tied deeply to ancient lore and generations of stories and a place that will lay claim to your heart.

8 day Historic Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island > Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island will fascinate with its rich history, beautiful environment and friendly locals who are always ready for a yarn or two about their beloved home.

You’ll be charmed and enchanted during your time on this pretty ocean outcrop.

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