The Wonder of Visiting Rose Blanche, Newfoundland on board Scenic Eclipse

Scenic Eclipse - The Wonder of Visiting Rose Blanche, Newfoundland

By Brian de Bruyn

While there will continue to be much written about the amazing six star luxury Scenic Eclipse and its incredible service and features, we should never overlook one of the most important aspects of this new category of travel – the experiences that it makes available to us, the expedition traveller.
For Sue and I, the unexpected highlight of our recent Maritimes Canada cruise was the excursion to the small seaside village of Rose Blanche, Newfoundland. The concept of discovery expeditions is relatively new for most luxury travellers and this off ship experience sets the standard for us in this regard.
This was the first time that a cruise ship had visited here as part of a scheduled voyage, due to the remoteness and practical difficulties of accessing the village from the sea. Scenic Eclipse positioned itself a short distance offshore from Rose Blanche and with its dynamic positioning system was able to maintain its location and stability while Zodiacs were launched to take us to the small fishing harbour. 
It was a stunning sight as we entered the protected waterway with the varied colour of the houses contrasted beautifully against the cold grey rocky cliffs of Newfoundland. This is where Scenic Eclipse really comes into its own, being able to get close enough to the remote shoreline to allow access by the nimble Zodiacs – a fantastic way to begin our discovery expedition.
What happened next will always remind us of our amazing time on this wonderful cruise. As the zodiacs arrived at the wharf, a group of enthusiastic smiling locals greeted us and walked with us to their community hall, on the way pointing out some of the local features and helping us understand some of the local customs. On arrival at the community centre we were offered hot and cold drinks, locally made foods and entertained by a local band. The hospitality and excitement of the joyous community of Rose Blanche was certainly a memorable and humbling experience and provided us all with an intimate and very different discovery adventure.
After getting to know many of Rose Blanche’s long-term residents, we were taken on a wonderful walking tour of the town, through its back yards, along its picturesque cliffs and finally to the stunning lighthouse set high amongst the amazing landscape of the Newfoundland coastline. This was certainly one of those “getting up close and personal” experiences, interacting with wonderful people, sampling the best that local culture has to offer and viewing some of the world’s most amazing scenery.
As we looked out into the North Atlantic Ocean at our stunning Discovery Yacht from the rugged cliffs of beautiful Rose Blanche, we could only wonder what other amazing sites might greet us in our future travels on Scenic Eclipse. This really is a new way of seeing the world, luxury all-inclusive cruising, unique discovery experiences, small intimate group travel and so much more including helicopters, kayaks, zodiacs and submarine.
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