Top 5 experiences on a Mekong River Cruise

Top 5 experiences on a Mekong River Cruise

Drifting through the Mekong is a uniquely surreal experience. With a thriving biodiversity second only to the Amazon, there is no telling what you might catch sight of while you’re out Mekong River cruising. A case in point is the legendary Angkor Wat temple complex, whose existence remained a mystery until the French stumbled upon it in the 19th century. While you look around for your own monumental discoveries, here is a tried and tested list of what to see on a Mekong River cruise with Scenic.


The temples of South East Asia are always on top of every ‘what to see on a Mekong River cruise’ list. While the spellbinding temples of Angkor Wat are the most famous, they are not the only ones and certainly not the most remarkable. The Bayon style Ta Prohm Temple in Cambodia was built around the 12th century and the sight of it will stop even the most seasoned traveller dead in their tracks. Large roots of strangler fig trees embrace the ancient walls of the temples like something out of a Stephen King novel, a perfect representation of the clash of man and nature, and the perfect setting for your holiday photographs. Banteay Srei is another Angkor temple that will captivate you with its unique architecture. The intricate carvings on the maze of pinkish structures of this 967 AD temple complex is said to have been created by female sculptors and is sure to hypnotise you. 
Visit Ta Prohm Temple, Angkor Wat, Cambodia


Mekong’s joie de vivre lies in its many bustling markets. From colourful floating markets to glittering night markets, the Indochina region has truly mastered the game. The Cai Rang floating market of Vietnam is the biggest floating market in the Mekong Delta. The Angkor Night Market is the perfect place to pick up souvenirs to memorialise your trip. Flavoured Sombai liquor, Khmer kroma scarves, rice-art painting and leather carving, your gifting options are plenty. To take it all in one swift ride, join a thrilling vintage Vespa foodie tour that will take you whizzing past the exciting sights, sounds, and smells, with plenty of opportunities to take in the tastes as well. 
Visit the floating markets during a Mekong River Cruise


The Indochina region is a melting pot for the senses, and the Mekong River is the pot. While Mekong river cruising, you will discover the cultural enchantment of this dynamic waterway, witness the daily interactions of locals and admire the ornate temples and gold-top pagodas that dot the countryside, as you gently pass by. On your what to see on a Mekong River cruise agenda, be sure to include a visit to a monastery to receive blessings from a monk and learn how to pray in a Buddhist pagoda, before partaking in a ceremony, which contributes to their daily meals. In Laos, immerse yourself in local spirituality during a traditional Baci ceremony and pay respects to ancient traditions. On a Scenic Mekong River Cruise, you will be wowed by a mystical gala dinner at an Angkor temple, with a show featuring Apsara dancers – an exclusive Scenic Enrich experience and an absolute favourite of our guests. 
Scenic Enrich - Gala Temple Dinner, Cambodia


From the lush greenery of Tra Su Bird Sanctuary to the turquoise waters of Halong Bay, the regions along the Mekong are home to stunning natural wonders. With more than 1,600 islands and islets, Vietnam’s Halong Bay is a sight to behold. Discover stalactite-filled caves and a seascape of limestone outcrops jutting dramatically out of the blue green waters. Enjoy kayaking, swimming or snorkelling in the hidden lagoons, and sunbathing on tranquil, pristine beaches. 

Hop into a sampan – a small, traditional wooden boat – and drift through the mesmerising floating forests of the Tra Su Bird Sanctuary. Stay quiet to enjoy the unadulterated beauty of the forest, filled with varied bird sounds and punctuated by the splash of the boatman’s oars. The charming Vietnamese mountain town of Sapa is home to several local minority tribes. Marvel at the stunning vistas of this former hill station; dramatic landscapes, picturesque villages and rice terraces, and interact with the friendly hill tribe locals.
Experience the lush greenery of the Tra Su Bird Sanctuary

5-Star Luxury

Scenic Spirit is purpose built to cruise the bountiful Mekong River. Built to European standards, it is the most spacious and luxurious cruise ship on the river. With an almost 1:1 staff-to-guest ratio, the largest suites available, each with an exclusive Scenic Sun Lounge, and a host of indulgent amenities at your disposal, you are guaranteed the ultimate river cruise experience. From the Sun Deck, with bar, and the resort-style pool, to the relaxing spa and Wellness Centre, state-of-the-art gym and beauty salon, every conceivable need has been catered for. With up to four on board dining options, you’ll also be spoilt for choice, whether you choose to indulge in a regional speciality, local street food or enjoy your favourite well-tried meal. 
Set sail in 5-star luxury on board Scenic Spirit

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