Why you should explore Egypt with Scenic

Why you should explore Egypt with Scenic

The Great Pyramid of Giza is the only wonder of the ancient world that is still standing. To not witness it first hand at least once in your life would be a great tragedy. 
Egypt, a country steeped in history and culture, the cradle of civilisation, is a treasure trove of ancient wonders that are impossible to find anywhere else, and we’re here to tell you to put it on the top of your travel list. Here are our top 5 reasons why a trip to this mystical land with Scenic is a delight.

Unique encounters

From watching the sun set over the pyramids as you enjoy cocktails and canapés in Cairo to taking a hot air balloon ride for a fascinating bird’s-eye view of the ancient sites, luxury Egypt tours with Scenic are full of unforgettable and exclusive encounters.

Examine the centuries old relics in Egypt’s museums, pay a visit to the poignant World War II site at El Alamein, explore the local markets and admire the stunning Abu Simbel Temples dedicated to Ramses II and his wife Nefertari.

You can even play golf in one of the most remarkable settings in the world – against the backdrop of the mighty Pyramids. 

Abu Simbel

A cruise to remember

When in Egypt, it is imperative that you explore the river that has been the very lifeblood of this country for time immemorial – the majestic Nile.

Scenic charters the intimate and luxurious Sanctuary Sun Boat III exclusively for its guests for the most memorable Nile cruise experience.

Perhaps indulge in one of the elegant Presidential Suites situated at the front of the Promenade Deck featuring a separate sitting area. The lavish Royal Suites also boast private balconies from which to witness the best views of the Nile. Enjoy first-class dining along with drinks and vibrant live entertainment.

The luxurious cruise will take you to various ancient landmarks as you explore Egypt’s past with the resident Egyptologist. 

Cruise the Nile on board Sanctuary Sun Boat III

Ensconced in luxury

Scenic’s pick of accommodation in Egypt are the most luxurious and iconic with the best views.

For instance, the Marriott Mena House Hotel at Giza is a unique hotel with verdant gardens and spectacular views. Its Premier Pyramid View Room offers unparalleled and breathtaking views of the Great Pyramids.

On a luxury Egypt tour with Scenic, you will even stay a night in the Sofitel Winter Palace in Luxor, the very place Agatha Christie wrote her famed novel ‘Death on the Nile’.

Stay at the Marriott Mena House Hotel at Giza

Include the Kingdom of Jordan

Along with ancient Egypt, explore the Roman ruins and biblical sites of Jordan by selecting one of our many Egypt and Jordan luxury tours.

Discover the legacy of the Nabataeans at Petra, follow the trail of the Lawrence of Arabia in Wadi Rum, visit the site where Jesus was baptised at Bethany Beyond the Jordan and enjoy floating on the hypersaline waters of the Dead Sea.

An exciting re-enactment of a Roman chariot race in the hippodrome at Jerash will transport you back in time while snorkelling in the Red Sea at Aqaba will open up a whole new world.

At the exclusive Scenic Special Stay in Wadi Rum, sleep under starry desert skies in air-conditioned ‘Martian’ geodomes, a haven of luxury with private ensuite and clear viewing panels, your window to the desert. 

Enjoy an exclusive Scenic Special Stay in Wadi Rum

Peace of mind

There isn’t a safer way to travel than in a group. After all, there is strength in numbers.

Apart from helping you form amazing friendships, they also keep you safe from petty theft. Scenic has been conducting luxury Egypt tours since several years and has a Cairo-based Operations Manager who stays on top of the ground arrangements.

Our local Egyptian Tour Directors travel with guests at all times, including on board the Nile cruise. Every need of yours will be taken care of, from bottled water to avoid Egypt’s tap water, to “baksheesh” (tipping) requests from the locals.

Tourism being a key driver of Egypt’s economy, the government also takes every measure to ensure tourist safety. So all you need to worry about is picking out the right souvenir!

Egypt tour group

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