Your guide to an African Safari

Going on safari is one of life’s most exhilarating experiences and no continent on Earth does wild animals with quite as much style and verve as Africa.

Whilst on safari with Scenic in Africa, you’ll visit some of the continent’s greatest national parks and game reserves, with experienced rangers and trackers adept at spotting the slightest movement a mile off.

Exclusive to Scenic guests, escape the crowds of the famous Kruger National Park in South Africa, and instead stay and enjoy morning and evening game drives within either Thornybush or Lion Sands private game reserves. Specially modified open Land Cruisers ensure you’ll have unrestricted game viewing and ideal photography conditions for each and every drive.

Each of the BIG 5 – elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos and buffalo – can be found in Lion Sands and Thornybush. A significant benefit of being a guest in these private concessions is the ability for your ranger to take your vehicle off -track in search of the Big Five, giving you the best opportunity to tick off each one. While nothing can quite prepare you for the magic of witnessing Africa’s Big Five up close, ensure you are prepared for the experience with a few simple tips.

Dress for the occasion

Camouflage or khaki is not mandatory. Wear closed shoes and comfortable, warm clothes.

Even when the weather is fine, you’ll be travelling in an open, moving vehicle and the mornings and evenings tend to be the coolest times of the day.

Take layers so you can add or remove as required and don’t forget sun protection.


Practice makes perfect

Purchasing a new camera for your safari adventure? Find one with good zoom.

Whilst you might feel you're getting up close and personal with Africa’s wildlife, you’ll always be at a safe distance, not to mention Africa has plenty of excellent bird life and smaller wildlife to capture.

Before you go, take a lesson, watch YouTube videos or read the instruction manual cover to cover. Ensure you know exactly how to use your camera so you don’t waste precious time on your drive.


Keep your eyes (and ears) open

With Scenic you’ll be guided by only the most experienced rangers and trackers, but it doesn’t hurt for a few extra sets of eyes and ears to keep a lookout.

Watch and listen for any kind of movement in the terrain around you, particularly from smaller animals – the male impala will scream to warn their group of a predator approaching and baboons will climb to higher branches should they feel threatened.



Bring a hat that won’t fly off in the breeze, and if you wear glasses – don’t forget them!

You’ll find a set of binoculars a huge asset and a torch will help you look out for eyes in the bushes when it’s dark.

If you’re worried you’ll run out of space on your camera, pack a spare memory card.


What not to bring

You’ll be provided with blankets, bottled water plus you’ll stop for breakfast or a sundowner – so we’ll bring the snacks.

Unless you want to use your mobile phone as a camera, leave this behind too.

If you do bring your mobile with you, turn off your GPS tracking so poachers cannot use these details to track animals after you’ve lef


Other wildlife experiences in Southern Africa

Elephant Sanctuary, Zimbabwe

As a part of the Scenic Enrich program, visit this elephant safe haven near Victoria Falls, and get up close and personal to these incredible African species.

The program has been in action since 1992 and aims to educate the public on animal conservation and rehabilitate juvenile orphans.

Victoria Falls

Penguin colony, Cape Town

On your day journey along the Atlantic coastline to Cape Point, enjoy a stop at Boulder’s Beach to visit the local African Penguin colony.

It is estimated that approximately 3,000 of the species, inhabit the sandy shores of Boulder’s Beach.

You’ll enjoy watching their activity from one of the many viewing platforms and boardwal