River Cruises

For guests looking for a more personalised experience, nothing compares to river cruising.

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Welcome to the world of river cruising

River cruising is a much more intimate way to see the world, with smaller guest numbers on board at any one time, higher staff to guest ratios and larger cabins, everything is handcrafted to make your experience unique and personal.

A Scenic river cruise is truly an all-inclusive experience.

All your drinks and shore excursions are included and early reward deals often mean that your flights are included too. Once you board your flight you’ve nothing else to spend.

River cruises offer you the maximum time to explore your chosen destination. You dock right in the heart of a city which means no long transfers or waiting times to reach the sights. You can literally stroll off the ship and you’re there.

Again because of the size of your Scenic Ship you won’t have long embarkation and disembarkation times. From arriving at the ship you can be in your cabin within minutes.

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Why River Cruising?

There are a host of reasons why Scenic river cruising is increasingly the first choice of travel for guests.

From your transfers and tips, your exclusive Enrich, Freechoice and Tailormade excursions and even your mini-bar, you won't have to worry about money at all.

Leave the wallet at home

Once you get on the plane you need never reach for your wallet again, we won’t even ask for your credit card at check-in. Everything is included, from activities to meals, even tipping and gratuities.

The heart of the matter

Skip the rigours of finding your own way to a destination. With a river cruise you simply walk off the ship and into your destination. No queues, deciphering maps or ship tenders to deal with.

You call the shots

With a range of handcrafted activities and once in- a-lifetime experiences included across our itineraries, you choose the activity or experience that suits you, at the pace you want.

Or simply choose to stay on board and relax. Whatever your interest, fitness or mobility level, you’re in charge.

Ask a local

We use local guides as we believe that nobody knows a place like the people who live there. As a result, our tours will not only make sure you see all the highlights, but we’ll also take you in search of the hidden gems known only to locals.

The best local food, entertainment and culture, we even invite you into local homes so that you can experience true local hospitality.

Proof positive

When you choose Scenic river cruising you’re choosing the first on the rivers for innovation and technology.

We have the largest cabins on the rivers, featuring the exclusive Scenic Sun Lounge, which converts your suite into a vast viewing deck at the touch of a button.

Our e-bikes and Tailormade GPS guided tours are further proof of our commitment to innovation, allowing you to explore on your own.

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Our river cruising destinations

Rhine, Moselle & Danube Rivers

The Rhine, Main and Danube rivers flow through the heart of continental Europe. Through the engineering genius of their namesake canal and onward to the Danube these rivers are lined with extraordinary architecture and incredible scenery.

As you travel through countries like The Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Hungary you’ll experience the magic of rich traditions and fascinating cultures.

Flowing through France, Luxembourg, and Germany, the Moselle River is a charming waterway renowned for its quaint medieval architecture and wonderful vineyards.

structure covered by trees

Waterways of France

You simply have to experience this beautiful country at least once in your life.

History, culture, art and gastronomy combine along the beautiful Seine, Saône and Rhône rivers.

In the south, the Bordeaux waterways will astound with their natural beauty and delicious fare.

Experience the joie de vivre that is France from city to sea.

river in france

Portugal's Douro River

Once a great, conquering seafaring nation, Portugal has a history and culture as proud and intrepid as any in Europe.

Packed with wonders, from the archaeologically significant Coa Valley to the rolling vineyards of the Douro Valley.

Authentic traditions and warm local hospitality, a cruise along the Douro River will remain in your heart forever.

portugal night-time

Russian Waterways

From the grace of the Bolshoi to the might of the Kremlin, Russia is magnificent and compelling.

Imperial treasures and rich cultural history juxtaposed with traditional village life ensure that a cruise down Russia’s Neva and Volga rivers will have you revelling in the beauty and complexities of this incredible country.

river in russia

Mekong River

Travelling nearly 5,000 kilometres through China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, the Mekong River carries with it many stories of these complex and beautiful lands.

One of the most biologically diverse rivers in the world, second only to the Amazon, the mighty Mekong will capture your imagination and sense of wonder.

From floating markets to traditional sampans it is mesmerizing to see how so many cultures live in harmony with this giant waterway.

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Irrawaddy River

The mystical Irrawaddy River will entrance and beguile as it makes its way through the hidden gem that is Myanmar.

The river traverses a unique and rare land only recently accessible to westerners.

Age-old traditions, astonishing temples and enchanting locals, this river will transport and delight.

myanmar skyline
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Scenic all-inclusive luxury

At Scenic when we say all-inclusive river cruising, that is what you get.

Luxury is having a butler at your call, crisp white sheets, and your own private balcony to watch the sun rise and set in a different country. Luxury is having chef-prepared meals and top shelf beverages. Luxury is all-inclusive tours, events, experiences and having someone else arrange it all for you, to pick and choose as you please.

And luxury certainly is not having to reach for your wallet for any of it. Welcome to the Scenic experience, where all-inclusive means exactly that. This is the essence of the Scenic experience.

  • Scenic Enrich
    Our expert Journey Designers have handpicked and created a range of unique experiences that will be amongst the highlights of your cruise. These exclusive multi-sensory moments that will add a deeper dimension to your journey and leave you with amazing memories to treasure.
  • Scenic Freechoice
    Whether you want to travel at a relaxed pace or to fit in as much as possible, Scenic Freechoice provides a diverse range of activities for you to choose from. From history to culture, gastronomy to nature, there’s something for everyone, and you can do it at a pace that suits you.
  • Scenic Tailormade
    In Europe, our exclusive Scenic Tailormade App allows you to explore on your own, either by foot or on two wheels with our e-bikes, in more than 140 locations. Each tour features insightful commentary about the destination you’re visiting and has been designed to start and return to your ship’s location. ^not available in Russia or Portugal.
  • Butler
    We know it’s the small things that make your cruise special, and so do our butlers. From nightly turndown to laundry service included for all guests, our butlers are there to make your Scenic journey extra special. They won’t be happy unless you are.
  • Scenic Fleet
    Our focus on innovation and luxury design ensures Scenic is the world leader when it comes to delivering the ultimate in river cruising on our state of the art fleet. With some of the largest suites on the river, a high staff-to-guest ratio plus incredible facilities on board, you’ll never want to leave.
  • Dining & Beverages
    From casual fare to fine dining, we cater for every style on board. We source from regional suppliers so our food is both extremely fresh and in season. Our chefs draw inspiration from the countries we pass through so you’ll experience true regional cuisine. And of course there’s an extensive selection of complimentary beverages all day too.
  • Suites
    We set the benchmark for the standard of suites on board, the most spacious on the river. Our balcony suites also feature innovative technology, transforming to a Sun Lounge at the touch of a button, allowing you to enjoy the luxury of extra space as well as the unfolding landscape.
  • The Nth Degree
    We’ll personally greet you at the airport and transfer you to and from your cruise, regardless of when you arrive. Onshore, all our transport, whether it’s by coach or rail, is of the highest standard. We use local guides as we believe nobody knows an area like someone who lives there. Absolutely everything is taken care of, including all tipping.
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Who should river cruise?

Discernment, curiosity and passion are just a few of the key qualities that many of our river cruise guests share.

You’ll meet a range of like-minded people on board a Scenic cruise who are typically interested in exploring the artistic, historical, culinary and cultural aspects of our destinations. They enjoy the laidback pace of river cruising and its appreciation for individual choice and exploration.

Scenic Guests

Our guests like to take their time peeling back the layers of the lands we visit, rather than rushing through a crazy itinerary. A mix of independent travellers, couples and small groups, our guests are looking for diverse, culturally enriching experiences.

An appreciation for the finer things in life – great food, music, knowledge, along with a thirst for new experiences drives their journey.

With a balance of both working and retired guests, luxury and great service is a must for them, as is the reassurance that everything is all-inclusive, including tipping and gratuities. With the small number of guests on board, there’s plenty of opportunities to make many new friends.

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Going solo

It’s not just couples and groups who seek out river cruises. A growing number of solo travellers are choosing the delights of a river cruise. Offering comfort, peace of mind and the chance to meet like-minded souls, river cruising is ideal for those travelling on their own.

As a solo traveller you’ll have the flexibility to join in Scenic Freechoice and Scenic Enrich activities or if solitude is more what you crave, simply kick back and relax on board in 5-star luxury.

Our ships along the Rhine, Main, Danube and Moselle rivers, as well as those traversing the waterways of Bordeaux and the South of France, all offer dedicated single balcony suites, complete with an innovative Scenic Sun Lounge. Consider it your own private oasis.

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