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Main River

Explore the beauty of the Main River

What Germany’s Main River lacks in length, it makes up for in splendour.

Discover the delights of Germany's Main River with Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours. Our all-inclusive luxury river cruise will change your opinion about the longest rivers being the best. While Germany’s Main River is certainly not the longest, the magnificent scenery, castles, World Heritage-listed cities and exquisite vineyards ensure this European River Cruise will be memorable. 

The Main River has linked the Rhine River and Danube River since 1992 and has opened up European river cruising delights in this region. From the thriving city of Nuremberg and Frankfurt to the venerable architecture of Mainz. You'll step back in time visiting medieval towns along Germany's renowned Romantic Road before taking in the sights of Würzburg's 100 historic churches.

Visit Rüdesheim, a town in the Rhine Valley, Germany renowned for making wine, particularly Riesling wines. Explore Wertheim at the junction of the Main River and Tauber River with its landmark castle and medieval town centre in south-west Germany. 

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Main River Cruise Destinations

As you enter the Main from the Rhine, you will leave behind the charms of Mainz’s thousand-year-old cathedral (St. Martin’s Cathedral) and sail towards the quaint town Miltenberg.

Entering the Main River from the Rhine River, you'll sail by Mainz, famous for its Roman heritage and its 1,000-year-old St. Martin's Cathedral. Mainz is also home to the Gutenberg printing press. Your Main River cruise then heads to Miltenberg (also known as the 'Pearl of the Main River') with a rich history of trading wine, fish, wood and stone along the river. Situated at the apex of Nuremberg and Frankfurt, the Miltenberg economy flourished from river trading.

As your Scenic Space-Ship heads toward Frankfurt, you'll notice the lush green riverbanks are replaced with imposing buildings. Referred to as 'Mainhatten', Frankfurt is the central business district of Frankfurt with the name being derived from the Main River and a reference to Manhattan, New York's skyscrapers and high rises.

With a stopover in Miltenberg your onshore excursions include visiting the old square market, the museum and taking in the delights of the classic half-timber German homes.
The next stops on your luxury, all-inclusive Main River Cruise is at the captivating cities of Bamberg and Würzburg. The World-Heritage listed city of Bamberg has a plethora of exquisite architectural delights to marvel at. From the 11th century Romanesque cathedral constructed by Emperor Henry II to the 16th and 17th-century bishops former residences. Top off your day in Bamberg with delicious food to match with its famous smoky beer called Rauchbier.

While your Scenic Space-Ship travels further down the Rhine-Main-Danube canal, you'll cruise by exquisite rural villages and enchanting bridges on the way to Nuremberg. As the second-largest city in Bavaria, you'll delight in the energy and culture of this city. After a visit to World War II sites, relax and taste Nuremberg's gingerbread, dark coloured beer and world-renowned bratwurst.