Main River Cruising

Main River

The Riches of the River

What Germany’s Main River lacks in length, it makes up for in splendour.

Although significantly shorter than the Rhine, the river flows past several World Heritage-listed cities and winds its way through breathtaking scenes of vineyards and castles.

Since the canal developments of 1992, the river also acts as a link between the Rhine and the Danube, allowing for extended sailing itineraries throughout the region.

Our itineraries on the Main will take you from the ancient architecture of Mainz to the bustling city of Nuremberg. Along the way you will pass Frankfurt am Main’s modern cityscape, the 100 historical churches of Würzburg and several medieval towns on Germany’s renowned Romantic Road.

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As you enter the Main from the Rhine, you will leave behind the charms of Mainz’s thousand-year-old cathedral (St. Martin’s Cathedral) and sail towards the quaint town Miltenberg.

Green riverbanks are soon replaced by the towering buildings of Frankfurt am Main, a city aptly referred to as “Mainhatten.” Upon reaching Miltenberg, you will have the opportunity to meet the locals of this quaint German town.

The next stops on your itinerary are the enchanting cities of Würzburg and Bamberg. Known as the ‘Pearl of the Romantic Road’, World Heritage-listed Würzburg will invite you to explore its sweeping vineyards, myriad of churches, old bridges and historical royal residences. Bamberg, also World Heritage-listed, boasts equally magnificent architecture and historically significant sites. Among the attractions is a Romanesque cathedral built by Emperor Henry II in the 11th century and the former residences of 16th and 17th century bishops. When in Bamberg, you will also have a range of palatable delights, including the town’s famous smoky beer, Rauchbier.

As you travel further down the Rhine-Main-Danube canal, you will travel beneath picturesque bridges and past rural villages, until you reach the outskirts of Nuremberg. Before you leave this city and enter the narrow channels and river locks leading into the Danube, make sure to visit the World War II sites and taste the renowned bratwurst, beer and gingerbread.