Scenic Cruising

The extraordinary Kimberley region of Western Australia is one of the great untouched landscapes on the planet. Scenic has partnered with True North Adventure Cruises and Coral Expeditions to offer you a unique insight into the region. 
Watch powerful tides squeeze their way through two tiny inlets in the towering sandstone structures of the McLarty Ranges to create the spectacular Horizontal Falls. The water cascading off Montgomery Reef will leave you spellbound, revealing marine life of the most vibrant colours. Drink in the views of the highest twin falls in Western Australia – the King George Falls, formed by the mighty King George River leaping over the honeycomb patterned sandstone cliff to join the emerald waters below. 
Between the two cruises, you will have the incredible opportunity to inspect the oldest artworks known to man, the ‘Bradshaws’, observe the wonderful birdlife of the Lacepede Islands, visit the National Heritage-listed ‘Mermaid Tree’, and explore various other breathtaking wonders, all while enjoying the unmatched comfort and intimacy of your cruise ship. 
Take your front-row seat to the region's most astounding sights.  
Australia Collection 2021/2022 Brochure