Scenic Enrich

All-inclusive, unforgettable, unique. Our Scenic Enrich experiences will be among the highlights of your Scenic journey. 
Scenic’s signature Enrich experiences are once-in-a-lifetime moments that will take you to the cultural heart of Canada and Alaska. 

Our seasoned Journey Designers have handpicked and created a range of experiences that will become the highlights of your journey. Below are just some of the unique, curated experiences awaiting you. These encounters are likely to be unforgettable and will enrich your understanding and appreciation of the incredible places, cultures, and history you’ll encounter.  
Scenic Enrich - Learn about Black Bears

Learn about Black Bears

In Whistler, join renowned Black bear expert researcher Michael Allen for an enlightening session about these extraordinary creatures. Michael Allen’s name is synonymous with bears in Whistler because he’s been studying and tracking them for over 20 years and shares his findings in a way that better connects us to these iconic, Canadian animals. He will share his passion and commitment to the conservations of these animals. 
Scenic Enrich - Dark Sky Experience in Jasper, Canada

Dark Sky Experience

Jasper National Park is one of 17 designated Dark Sky Preserves in Canada. It is the second largest Dark Sky Preserve in the world, and the largest accessible Dark Sky Preserve. Join local guides from Jasper Planetarium for a breathtaking Dark Sky Experience and an exclusive twilight supper. From the beautiful viewing platform learn about the local ‘Canadian’ constellations and celestial highlights. 
Scenic Enrich - Wildlife spotting in Banff, Canada

Wildlife Spotting in Banff

Head out at dusk to a local golf course and surrounds for a unique wildlife spotting experience in search of Banff’s magnificent beasts. Although no one can guarantee where the wildlife will wander on any given day, it is common to sight deer, elk, caribou and the elusive Grizzly bears in this area as it is an important wildlife corridor connecting Banff to the eastern part of the Bow Valley.  
Scenic Enrich - Arctic Circle by Air

Arctic Circle by Air

Experience the thrill of crossing the Arctic Circle by air and receive a certificate to prove it. Soar above this vast and expansive landscape. Stop at a wilderness community for a fascinating insight into the history of the region and life today. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience and those with a penchant for exploration will be graciously rewarded.  
Scenic Enrich - Dine at a sugar shack, Canada

Dine at a Sugar Shack

Maple trees can be found in every Canadian province from coast to coast. Quebec's sugar maple is widely believed to produce the best maple syrup. A sugar shack is a small wooden house built in the middle of the maple forest for making maple syrup. Many sugar shacks also offer maple-soaked feasts in celebration of the maple harvest. Learn how maple syrup is made and dine on traditional Québécois fare at a local Sugar Shack. 
Scenic Enrich - Parc Oméga

Parc Oméga

Parc Oméga is home to bears, wolves, wapitis, Red deer, beavers and more. View the wildlife as you journey through the 1,500-acre park located near Montebello, Québec. The trails wind their way through an extraordinarily varied landscape of lakes, meadows, small valleys, forests and rocky hills.