Knight Inlet Lodge

lodge on water

Stunningly remote Knight Inlet Lodge

Knight Inlet Lodge is a critically acclaimed grizzly bear viewing destination in Canada, offering world-class wildlife tours to visitors from across the globe.

Rated as the premier destination for viewing grizzly bears, Knight Inlet Lodge provides unsurpassed wildlife viewing.

It has been featured in National Geographic Magazine, BBC Natural History Unit and Time Magazine and has won a TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award. The lodge offers guests the opportunity to relax in luxury while taking the sights of this largely unspoiled wilderness.

Towering snowcapped mountains, gushing waterfalls and lush dense forests provide Knight Inlet’s diverse range of wildlife a spectacular natural habitat.

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Cougars, mountain goats, bald eagles, deer, black bears and the grizzly bears roam freely, offering themselves as stunning subjects for wildlife photography.

Wildlife enthusiasts also have the opportunity to observe more elusive wildlife such as seals, otters, sea lions, white sided dolphins and whales on Scenic Zodiac expeditions and whale-watching tours.

Abundant opportunities to closely observe nature can be found at Knight Inlet Lodge who provide everything required for safe wildlife sighting and photography.

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